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    In addition to the supply of filters, agitators and mixers, CEM can also fabricate all types of metal components based on the client drawings and/or material requirements. Materials can be carbon steel, S.S or titanium, with thickness up to 120mm. The size of finished product can be 25m in length, 5m in diameter, 100t in weight.

    CEM has the equipment and facilities for various surface treatment like blasting and painting as well as X-ray testing. Manufactured components can be used in the industries of general machinery, engineering, motor vehicle, metallurgy, mining, chemical equipment, environmental equipment, building and food machinery.

    The objectives of the Company include provision of sound, safe and reliable equipment. We have been accredited to ISO9000 quality management system. The company strives for excellence in customer service and excellence in engineering. Strict quality controls in all aspects of our manufacturing process, ensures the supply of high quality products. 

    CEM has a complete range of world leading manufacturing facilities and an experienced fabrication team. This enables the company to manufacture components requiring high precision.

    CEM is conveniently located 2km from Great Canal dock with the capacity of loading 400t, 20km from Yangtze River dock and 200km from Shanghai International Airport and Seaport.

    CEM offers  very competitive prices, especially for large quantities and long term business. We look forward to providing best quality products with competitive prices to our customers.

    CEM welcomes your enquiry or visit to our facilities. We look forward to working together and achieving mutual beneficial outcomes  


     main fabrication equipment

     CNC flame & plasma cutter    CNC shearer
      CNC m/c center   CNC bender
      radial driller    horizontal lathe 
      blasting & painting equipment     CNC three-roller rolling machine 
      large scale painting bay   Auto welder 
      X ray NDT  


      some performances

     Zhanjiang Chenming paper preparation section
      FMW stacker Reclaimer Assy 
      FMW stacker Reclaimer Assy 
     Mould trolley for Tianjing Tianzhu group 
    Add: 52#WutongRoad, Zhonglou Economic Development Zone,Changzhou  Tel: 0519-89800890  
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